Saturday, September 20, 2014

CETO Reaches Reunion

The Climate Spectator reports that wave power company Carnegie Wave Energy has delivered its first CETO units to Reunion island - Wave Power.
Perth-based Carnegie Wave Energy has delivered the first of its new generation CETO 4 units to the Indian Ocean island of Reunion in what it expects will be the first step towards the establishment of a 15MW facility there. The CETO 4 unit, an upgraded version of the CETO 3 unit that has been tested off Fremantle, was delivered to Reunion by French naval defence logisitics group DCNS.

The unit will be deployed during the coming summer, and if successful wlll be followed by a grid-connected 2MW project, and a further expansion to 15MW. The project is being supported by the French government, which is providing two thirds of the funding through grants, and also a marine energy feed-in-tariff equivalent to Eur22c/kWh.

Carnegie CEO Michael Ottaviano said the new unit would test new design ideas, and also a different wave climate. The project was the first to be jointly conducted with French energy giant EDF, as well as DCNS. Carnegie will receive a licensing fee from EDF for the deployment of any further projects in Reunion and the northern hemisphere.

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