Thursday, October 16, 2014

Denmark Embraces the Smart Grid has a post on the progress of smart grids in Denmark - Denmark Embraces the Smart Grid.
Denmark has quietly become one of the world’s smart grid leaders. With nearly twice the variable energy on the grid than any other country, Denmark has developed the prototype for a flexible, intelligent electricity system, thanks to the work of Danish technology companies, investors, system integrators, utilities, and researchers. Denmark currently integrates 34 percent renewables into the grid. …

The high penetration of wind power in the electric grid makes Denmark an ideal testing ground for optimizing power consumption of intermittent power sources. This has resulted in several projects and partnerships, such as Danish utility DONG Energy’s equity participation in California based Project Better Place’s franchise in Denmark, the first in Europe. In late 2011, the partners will launch a commercial, nationwide network of EV charging and battery swap stations.

DONG Energy consultant Torben V. Holm, explains, “We can now combine the existing electric infrastructure with batteries in electric vehicles to harvest and store wind-generated power when it is in excess supply and have it available for value creating transportation purposes when needed."

EcoGrid EU, also launching in 2001, is the largest European smart grid demonstration project, which is being implemented on the Danish island of Bornholm, where 10 percent of households will participate. By changing load pattern, the households will participate in keeping the power system stable, even though more than 50 percent of power is produced from decentralized and renewable sources. ...

Denmark’s goal is to incorporate 50 percent of electricity from wind by 2025, and to be completely fossil fuel free by 2050.

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